Parking Guidance System for loop detector


SAT Innovation supplied parking guidance system (PGS) systems provide effective guidance for all types of parking facilities. Each parking guidance system comprises of easily installed ultrasonic Unit, variable message signs (VMS), control processors and a management software suite. Designed in a modular format, the parking guidance system can be configured for Car Park Access, Zone Specific Guidance and Urban Area Guidance. Accuracy and reliability are fundamental to the design, manufacture and installation of our recommended PGS product.


* Patented ultrasonic unit
* Easily to install and retro fit into car park infrastructure
* High visibility automatically updated variable message signs (VMS)
* Control processors
* Comprehensive management software suite



* Increased revenue through improved space utilisation - typical count accuracy of 99%
* Enhances customer service/satisfaction
* Improved traffic flow
* Potential marketing information uses


System Framework



MCU: MCS-51 AT89C52ED2,22.1184 MHz
Program Memory: Flash up to 64Kbytes
External SRam 32 KByte with Battery Backup 3 Year
External Serial Ram 56 KByte with Battery Backup 3 Year
Real Time Clock ( DS1307 )
Watchdog Timer Chip 1200 mSec ( DS1232 )
Temperature Sensor 0-125 'C (TCN75)

Power Consumption 

150V ~ 250 VAC/ 1A
Switching Regulator +5VDC/500 mA
Switching Regulator +12VDC/500 mA
Switching Regulator +24VDC/800 mA

1 SW Reset key
4 SW Function Key.
8 Input Opto Isolated ( 24VDC Level )
Emergency Keep Data Transaction 3000 record
( Date/Time ,status )
Operating Environment
Operating: 5?C - 60?C
Storage: 0?C - 70?C
Operating: 95% R.H. non-condensing
Storage: 97% R.H. non-condensing
Quiescent: 400 mA
Operating: 600 mA
Peak: 1.0 A
Interface Port
3-Wire RS232 Isolation Type up to 115200 bps

Application Screen


Sample Report
1. Report Dairy detail
2. Report Dairy Summary
3. Report Graph Summary